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BOOK IV of the Against the Endless Dark series, ON SALE NOW!!!

A republic in crisis. An embittered faction seeking advantage. One starship captain faces a choice.


Dath Raker, captain of the battlecruiser Tenacity, faces a perfect storm: a Board of Inquiry into his actions in the Morvenan Unity, his command in drydock for months of refit, and divorce. Down on his luck and isolated by scandal, he appears to be the perfect recruit for a treasonous scheme.


Threatened by war without, few suspect the greatest threat to the Republic of Sanctuary comes from within. Greed and blunted ambitions have led some of its most prominent citizens down a dark path, indeed. And the Republic’s enemies, the Star Empire of Golgothan, could not be happier to help them out.


Raker has never exactly loved his nation—and certainly hasn’t received it, in turn.


But the crew of Tenacity aren’t ready to give up on him, just yet.


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